Warden Hill Junior School

Review of Sports Premium 2016-2017 (Historical)

Academic Year Total Funding Allocation Total Amount Spent
2016-2017 £9959
Made up of a block grant of £8000, plus £5 per pupil


Review of PE and Sports Premium Action Plan for 2016-2017

Indicator 1: The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity - kick- starting healthy active lifestyles.

Key Actions Taken Outcomes Costs Impact Sustainability
  • Employ additional adults through Think Sport coaching.
  • Purchase of some new playground equipment.
  • Contribution towards the costs of playground markings for games activities.
  • Regular session have enabled all Y3 classes to have an extra hour of PE a month through lunchtime club.
  • Regular sessions with additional staff have enabled children in Y5&6 to have extra PE for a range of sports including; cricket, football, tag rugby, rounders etc.
  • New playground markings in place.
  • Wide range of equipment used on playground for lunchtime games.
  • Contributed to award of Sainsbury's Gold Mark.
  • 96.5% of children strongly agree that they know how to keep themselves healthy (Pupil Survey for 2016-17).
  • Helped contribute to good lunchtime behaviours and the use of a non-rota system for much of the equipment helps more children to be active.
  • This should be able to continue next year.
  • Improve this through the star of a Change4Life Club to run in conjunction with Active Luton.
  • First Aid training provided for all classes in curriculum time.
  • All children undertook a range of First Aid Training through partnership with St John's Ambulance.
  • Children and parents very positive about this initiative.
  • Recognised in local press.
  • To continue every other year as part of curriculum planning.
  • Sustrans Cycle training provided for all Year 5 children.
  • All Y5 children took part.
  • Two children learnt to cycle from scratch.
  • Increased numbers of children cycling to school has helped in some congestion reduction .
  • This is to continue next year.

Indicator 2:  The increased profile of PE and Sport across the school as a whole school for whole school improvement.

Key Actions Taken Outcomes Costs Impact Sustainability
  • Regular features on the school newsletters.
  • Update the school website to feature reports from the children.
  • Create new school to celebrate certificates when children represent the school.
  • Sports notice board and Travel Buddy notice boards to be regularly updated.
  • Better celebrations of achievements in school and outside.
  • Sports Council organised events for children across the school.
  • Our school community will be aware of their children's successes.
  • Increase in children attending extra-curricular activities - see clubs audit.
  • To carry on with
  • Sports council to organise the 'Run a Mile' Club.


Indicator 3: The increased profile of PE and Sport across the school as a school for whole school improvement.

Key Actions Outcomes Costs Impact Sustainability
  • Team teaching opportunities for staff to work alongside coaches from Active Luton.
  • To allow trainee teachers to work alongside experienced staff.
  • For less experienced staff to observe more skilled colleagues.
  • More skilled and confident delivery of PE.
  • NQT staff experienced good quality PE delivery.
  • Pupils receiving better PE lessons
  • To continue next year with Active Luton colleagues and involve Cover Supervisor staff as part of their CPD work.
  • Two members of staff attended PE Conference.
  • PE Subject Leader  attended training.
  • PE Subject Leader returned with ideas for next year.
  • Opportunity to work and plan with colleague.
  • Sports Council created.
  • To continue.

Indicator 4: A border experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.

Key Actions Taken Outcomes Costs Impact Sustainability
  • Transport to swimming and tuition provided at no cost to families so that this curriculum element can be sustained.
  • All Y4 children have a weekly swimming sessions for a year.






  • We remain one of the few  schools to sustain this important element of the curriculum and all children take part.

  • To continue.



  • Fortnightly sessions with each Year 3 class to give access to a range of sports.



  • Pupil involvement in PE increased.
  • All Y3 classes receive an hour extra PE a month at lunchtimes through club.

As Above





  • As above





  • To continue






Indicator 5:  The increased engagement in competitive sport.

Key Actions Taken Outcomes Costs Impact Sustainibilty
  • Continue to employ a coach from Active Luton to train the Netball team.
  • Girls netball team has participated in a variety of Inter School Fixtures.
  • Girls more involved in competitive sport and increase physical activity.
  • Also participated in a Boys Netball event this year.
  • Next year to enable one member of school staff to undertake Netball coaching training.
  • Engage football coach for sessions after school supported by school staff.
  • Football club in operation for Y3 & 4 and also Y5 & 6
  • Helped create good PE/Sporting opportunities for a range of pupils contributing to better school.
  • To enable one member of school staff to undertake Football coaching training.
  • To organise three Intra School Activities per year based upon the House System.
  • Make use of House Captains and Sports Council to help run these events.
  • House Activities taken place where children have been involved in organisation.
  • Contributed to leadership elements of Sainsbury's Gold Mark.
  • Sports Council and House Captains to continue with termly events.
  • Healthy Schools Week planned into curriculum map.
  • To provide transport to venues.
  • Purchase of new school kit.
  • Transport costs for attendance at festivals and events.
  • Mini Bus bid unsuccessful.
  • Transport provided for vast majority of events.
  • No child unable to take part because of transport.
  • Parents non impacted.
  • Re submit bid in two years' time  - next year apply for Big Lottery Funding for outdoor gym equipment.