Warden Hill Junior School

Review of Sports Premium 2018/19


Academic Year Total Funding Allocation Total Amount Spent
2018-19 £20,500 £20,706


Review of PE and Sports Premium Action Plan for 2018-19

Indicator 1: The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity - kick- starting healthy active lifestyles.

Key Actions Taken Outcomes Costs Impact Sustainability
  • TAs supporting PE activities.

  • Think Sport offering coaches to target

  • PE for years 3+4 at lunchtime

  • Walking club for targeted children

  • Increased physical activity for lunchtime (additional 1 hour for each class in Lower school).

TAs £5700

Think Sport £5776
  • Fewer incidents of poor behaviour.

    Increased physical activity for targeted children.

    Increased happiness and enjoyment in school
  • To continue.

    MDS/ TA to lead structure PE activities during lunchtime.
  • PE equipment replenished for use at lunchtime
  • Equipment replenished.

    Separate storage for lunchtime equipment
  • Children engaged in purposeful sporting activities during lunchtime
  • To monitor use and storage of equipment.

    To continue to replenish when necessary
  • Events throughout year- Bike it, walk to school week, Bling your Bike, The Big Pedal
  • Increase in the amount of children riding, scootering, walking to school
  • Increase in the amount of children riding, scootering, walking to school
  • To continue with established events.

    To consider LBC Modeshift stars to replace Bike it buddies.
  • Events were timetables eg daily mile, Well Being Week, Sport’s Day, Circus Skills
  • Increased amount of physical activity.
Circus Skills £350
  • Whole school has had the opportunity to run a mile in their designated weeks. Sport’s Day and Well Being week promoted physical activity across the whole school
  • To continue with differing themes eg. Olympic week.
  • A variety of school clubs offered.

  • Clubs offered included- dodgeball, tennis, cheerleading, cricket and football
  • Increased involvement in out of school hours sporting clubs
  • To continue.

Indicator 2:  The increased profile of PE and Sport across the school as a whole school for whole school improvement.

Key Actions Taken Outcomes Costs Impact Sustainability
  • Promotion of sporting achievements in local community.
  • Certificates received by all children who took part in sporting fixtures.

    Events featured on school newsletters and website.

    Travel Buddy and sports boards regularly updated

    Regular contributions from children during assemblies regarding PE and extra-curricular sporting events

Transport £1900

Affiliation fees £220
  • The profile of sports across the school has increased.
  • To continue.

    To inform local papers of sporting successes.
  • Scooters purchased for whole school activities.


    Outdoor gym equipment purchased
  • Scooters used for sports Week, well-being week and house activities.


    Increased access to fitness equipment.





Contribution from Sugar Tax Levy
  • All pupils had opportunity to ride scooters.
  • To ensure upkeep of new equipment
  • Well Being week introduced.

    Skipping workshops followed
  • Whole school took place in a variety of activities including Run a Mile and Skipping Workshop.
  • Developing an awareness of the importance of physical activity and its link to well-being
  • To continue as part of a 2 year rolling programme.


Indicator 3: The increased profile of PE and Sport across the school as a school for whole school improvement.

Key Actions Outcomes Costs Impact Sustainability
  • CPD provided.

    Less experienced staff to observe more experienced staff.

    Team teaching opportunities given for staff to work alongside coaches from Active Luton
  • INSET for staff.

    Observations have taken place.

    Team teaching opportunities provided
£2495 (SLA)
  • Improved quality of lessons
  • To continue.

    Purchase of Val Sabin to support teaching of Gymnastics and other PE disciplines.
  • CPD for PE staff
  • PE Lead and trainee attended PE conference
  • CPD to be provided for whole staff
  • To review PE curriculum across the school

Indicator 4: A border experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.

Key Actions Taken Outcomes Costs Impact Sustainability
  • To fund transport of swimming costs to sustain this element of the curriculum.



  • Curriculum swimming has taken place throughout the year for Year 4.
    Transport shortfall funded





  • 115 children participated in high quality swimming lessons throughout the year. Good progress was made by the children.
  • 47 Year 6 children are able to confidently swim 25 metres, 29 of those children can use a range of strokes
  • To continue.






  • Fortnightly PE sessions for Year 3 and 4 children at lunchtime with Thinksport


  • Pupils in Year 3 and 4 participated in a variety of different sports/ activities

Reference indicator 2.

  • Increased engagement in PE.
  • To continue..



  • Year 6 took part in a presentation from a motivational sporting speaker.
  • Year 6 pupils meet an established sports person.



  • Year 6 pupils were motivated and exposed to a ‘can do’ attitude from a visiting speaker. 
  • To facilitate a visit from sportsperson for whole school during Olympic week 2020


Indicator 5:  The increased engagement in competitive sport.

Key Actions Taken Outcomes Costs Impact Sustainibilty
  • Football coach engaged for after school sessions.

    Kit and equipment made available
  • Sessions for all groups from September to February.
  • Increased pupil engagement with PE
  • To continue.
  • Additional expertise provided in Netball.

    Kit and equipment made available.
  • Netball coaching provided on two lunchtimes per week. (LT)
  • The development of Netball Teams in both Year 5 and 6
  • To continue.
  • Additional expertise in cricket provided
  • After school club provided by cricket coach
  • Increased pupil engagement with PE
  • To provide a variety of different sporting activities as an after school club. Cricket to be offered at lunchtime due to its increasing popularity. Autumn 1/ Summer 1 + 2
  • Intra school activities organised.

    House captains running events in school time.

    Variety of sports events took place during sports and Well- Being week.

  • All pupils given the opportunity to participate in Level 1 activities
£100 House Captain shirts
  • Increased pupil engagement in a variety of different sporting activities.
  • To continue in order to be awarded the Sainsbury’s Gold Award.
  • Children participated in Level 2 sports activities as supported by Luton Primary Schools
  • Participation in Level 2 inter school competitions in all year groups
Reference indicator 2
  • Increased pupil engagement in a variety of different sporting activities of a competitive nature.

    Development of good sportsmanship
  • To continue