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Warden Hill Junior School

Pen Portraits

 Mrs E. Chambers

My name is Emily and I became a Governor at Warden Hill Junior School in September 2015.  I have four children – two attend this school and two are at Warden Hill Infant School.

Before I became a full-time mum I worked in the education sector, at a large college in London which offered sixth form courses for 16-18 year olds as well as vocational and recreational courses for all ages.  While there I gained a wealth of experience as I spent time working in administrative and IT-related departments, as well as teaching English to speakers of other languages.

I found the education sector very interesting to work in and now, as a mother, I am even more keenly interested in the quality of education available to young people, particularly in relation to preparing them for the future.  I am excited to have the opportunity to work with the other Governors to help promote Warden Hill Junior School and help it to develop still further as a wonderful place to learn and grow.

Mrs S. Hamilton

My name is Sonja Hamilton and I am the mother of two children, a daughter in year 5 and a son who has just started year 1 at Warden Hill Infant school. I have lived in Luton all my life and more recently in the Barton Hills area. In my free time I love to spend time with my children, swim or relax with a good book.

I decided to become a Parent Governor because I have been impressed by the work that is done by all the staff at Warden Hill Junior School since my daughter started there and the enthusiasm of the teachers, and wanted to spend some free time I have helping the school too . My professional background is in Accountancy (I am a Qualified Management Accountant) so I am hoping I can use my skills and experience in this area to benefit the school. I also recently started to volunteer in the classroom twice a week, something I really enjoy doing and find very rewarding, and hope that this will help me gain a better understanding of how the school works from the classroom.

 Mrs C. Ramirez-Herelle

I have a keen interest in education and currently work in the University of Bedfordshire library supporting students from a variety of learning levels and backgrounds in their academic journey’s, including those with additional needs. Amongst many skills my role requires objectivity, patience, empathy, inclusivity and fair treatment of those I support. I must also work collaboratively with my colleagues when managing the service provision or working on projects. I relish the opportunity to transfer the skills I have acquired in my employment to the role of Parent Governor.

As my occupation may suggest, I am a devoted advocate for reading and comprehension so I am eager to support our school in reaching the “Next Steps” outlined in the recent Ofsted inspection.

When I am not at work, I am a busy Mum/home-maker. I share the same concerns and aspirations for my daughter as any parent does for their own children. However, as parent to a child with Special Educational Needs, an additional set of anxieties can manifest. I would like the opportunity to represent and contribute a parent’s point-of-view in this aspect at Parent Governor’s meetings.

I am passionate that all children at Warden Hill Junior’s, continue to enjoy coming to school and can access a positive and fulfilling learning experience from a wide-ranging curriculum. However, my overarching desire is that our children are happy.

Mrs C. Dowling

My name is Clare and I’m a proud mum to 3 great kids currently attending Warden Hill Junior School.  This hopefully shows the long term interest and commitment I have to the school. I’m passionate about education and supporting the school anyway possible. I direct TV commercials for a living so professionally I feel I have numerous skills that enable me to be a supportive Governor. For one, it’s paramount to understand the importance of communication. I work to tight deadlines, am highly organised and a good team player - all whilst retaining a sense of humour!! My devotion to my children’s education makes me want to be involved and do all I can to not only represent the views of the parents but also to support the staff and ensure Warden Hill achieves all it can whilst maintaining its excellent educational standard. If appointed, I will always support school leadership where I’m confident the best is being provided for all children. However, I will not be afraid to question or challenge management decisions. Most important, I am very keen to be a part of a team that makes Warden Hill Juniors such an enabling and positive environment for our children.

Mrs Z. Malik

My name is Zubia Malik and I have been a Governor since 2012. I have a vested interest in seeing Warden Hill progress in all aspects of school life with one child currently in Year 5 and a further two that will hopefully join in the next couple of years.  My responsibility as a Governor is for the Pupil Premium children (those children who are in receipt of free school meals, children looked after by the Local Authority and children whose parents are serving in the armed forces) and making sure that the school is held accountable for how the additional grant is spent to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils.

I meet on a termly basis with Mr Hayden who is responsible for this key group and understand the relevant school pupil performance data which shows the progress of different groups over time and to the hold the school to account for ensuring that all available funding is used effectively to close the attainment between pupils who are in receipt of a free school meal and those who are not. We discuss and evaluate the impact of Pupil Premium activities using evidence based data and then conduct an annual review of all these activities which are then published on the school website.

I am currently the Chair of Governors.

Mrs A. Simpkins

My name is Ann Simpkins and I have been a governor since 2009, firstly as a Parent Governor and now as a Co-Opted Governor. My responsibility as a Governor is for Special Education needs. This involves me working with the school SENCO to ensure the best outcomes for children with statements and those on action and action plus programmes. As a parent who has had two children with statements (both of whom attended Warden Hill Junior School) i feel well placed to advise and support from a parents point of view.

Mr B. Thomas

My name is Ben Thomas and I am a Parent Governor at Warden Hill Junior School. A position I have held since November 2014.

My eldest son started at the school in 2012 and to date, I currently have 3 of my 4 children attending the school.

I am a local man who has worked within this town for the past 20 years, within this time I have seen the town grow and become highly diverse and multicultural.

I am a firm believer that with hard work, dedication, commitment and a will to succeed anything is possible and it is these values that I bring to the school in my role as a Parent Governor.

I would like to thank Mr Welch and the Governing Body for their warm welcome and look forward to the challenges ahead and to continuing my role for the foreseeable future.