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Warden Hill Junior School

Autumn Term 1

Each half term the class teachers and other members of school staff are asked to chose a pupil from their class/group who has stood out from the others in a positive way.  This may be through good effort, outstanding behaviour, great manners, kindness to others etc.  Once selected, the children's names are called out during celebration assembly, a letter is sent home to share the good news and a certificate is put into the Golden Book for everyone to see.

Year 3

For settling in well, giving 100% in all lessons and showing extraordinary kindness to all children and adults.

For always being kind to other students, supporting them and being helpful.

For settling in well, working hard in all subjects and always willing to have a go. Also for a very good recount of a special day.

Has settled in well.  Shows great confidence in all he does.  He is a popular, friendly and polite member of class.  A very hard worker.


Year 5

For consistently trying their best, always being on task and wiling to learn.  A fantastic start to the year.  Well done.

Settled into the year well. A super attitude to learning and always on task.

Showing excellent behavior for learning and great enthusiasm in all subjects.

Year 4

Persistent positive attitude to all aspects of school life.  Superb manners, lovely listening, helpfulness to others.  Has stood out this half term.  A super role model. Well done!

For always being polite and well-behaved in class.  Has made an excellent start to the year and always gives their best. Well Done.

For a positive attitude towards all aspects of learning, including reading and homework.

For consistently complying with every instruction given and for being a very polite and respectful member of our class. Thank you!


Year 6

For being lovely! For always doing the right thing. For always being ready to learn. For being hard-working.  A super role model!

For a superb start to the year and really working hard on his independence skills.

Excellent manners.  A fantastic start to the year.  Produced some good work in all subjects. Takes pride in work and presentation is excellent.  A pleasure to teach.

Other Nominations

Christian    - Chosen by Mr Welch
For always showing lovely manners, being ready to help and working hard.

Hayley        - Chosen by Mrs Bithrey
For doing the right thing even though it was a thing to do.

Abu-Bakr   - Chosen by Mrs O'Neill
For showing great kindness and compassion to one of their classmates.

Eloise         - Chosen by Mr Hayden
Always has a positive attitude with maths and puts a smile on your face.  Thank you.

Harry W     - Chosen by Miss Stinton
For showing great effort and perseverance at knitting club.  A helpful member of the group and displays lovely manners.