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Warden Hill Junior School

Spring Term 2

Each half term the class teachers and other members of school staff are asked to chose a pupil from their class/group who has stood out from the others in a positive way.  This may be through good effort, outstanding behaviour, great manners, kindness to others etc.  Once selected, the children's names are called out during celebration assembly, a letter is sent home to share the good news and a certificate is put into the Golden Book for everyone to see.

Year 3

 For changing her attitude to learning. More confident in  independent work. Always kind to others.

 For always trying her best at everything  she does and for  demonstrating a positive attitude to school life.

 For trying hard at everything and simply giving it his best even if  he finds it tricky.

 For always trying her best, listening and working very hard.  Excellent behaviour and manners.

Year 4

 Amelia is always polite and friendly and has made super  progress.  She always gives her best effort and is polite, kind  and helpful.

 For always having a smile on his face and being enthusiastic  about everything he does in class. Khushal has made excellent  progress so far this year.


 For always applying himself to all his studies, for excellent  behaviour in all that he does and for being polite and helpful at  all times.  Well done.

 For always taking pride in all her work and completing every  task to the best of her ability.

Year 5

For producing wonderful work at all times and for always taking  pride in his work.  A great role model and consistently  demonstrating a positive attitude to learning.

 For consistent hard work. All books are beautifully presented.  Aaqib has made good progress across the curriculum.  Keep it  up Aaqib.

 Excellent behaviour for learning.  Always self-motivated.  Helpful, polite and superb manners. 

Year 6

 For making huge improvements with his handwriting; for  applying himself to all his studies; for behaving well and for  being polite and helpful.  Really pleasing. Well done Abdullah!

Has made exceptional progress in maths and never gives up when it comes to literacy.  He is positive and an excellent role model to his peers.

For good manners; being hard working; taking great pride in her work; being well presented and a regular and enthusiastic reader.

Other Nominations

For a really super attitude to school life. (Mr Welch)


Nicole is always kind and well-mannered and is caring to all in the class.  She quietly gets on with all her work with positivity and perserverance, and responds well to all instruction with a beaming smile. (Mrs O'Neill)

For fantastic effort and concentration in Mrs Bithrey's reading group. (Mrs Bithrey)

Jesse has worked really hard in Maths this term and has made excellent progress.  He has a great attitude to want to learn.  Well done. (Mr Hayden)

For showing great kindness towards a friend without any prompting.  Always polite and friendly. (Miss Stinton)

For always listening and giving his best in maths lessons.  A great role model to others. (Mrs Quince)