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Warden Hill Junior School

Summer Term 2

Each half term the class teachers and other members of school staff are asked to chose a pupil from their class/group who has stood out from the others in a positive way.  This may be through good effort, outstanding behaviour, great manners, kindness to others etc.  Once selected, the children's names are called out during celebration assembly, a letter is sent home to share the good news and a certificate is put into the Golden Book for everyone to see.

Year 3

 For being a very mature member of the class; focused; positive  and well mannered through the whole year and for  approaching all challenges with an open mind.

 For persevering in maths and developing confidence with her  reading - fantastic effort Caitlyn.

 For making a good effort in all aspects of his learning especially  his handwriting.  He also greatly improved his behaviour for  learning. 

 For working so hard all year, keeping an amazing reading  record, reading every day and sharing her reading experiences  too.  For an extreme act of kindness.  Well done Shannon.

Year 4

 For improvement in attitude and work over Year 4. Kaylun has  been a responsible school councillor and has worked hard to  improve in all areas this year - fantastic effort.

 For a great improvement in her learning, especial;y during the  Summer Term.  She has done really well in all our assessments  last week.  Well done Natalia.

 For being such a good member of the  class. Not only is he  good at sports, but puts maximum effort into everything he  does.  Very poilte, a great friend to his peers and an excellent  role model.

 For always being a cheerful member of the class and  brightening up everyone's day.  She displays such enthusiasm  to school life.

Year 5

Great improvement in this Summer Term.  Attitude to Learning has significantly improve and Lucio has been a fantastic role model for year 2's during the Mini Olympics.  Well done!


Great improvement over the year.  Always there with an interesting fact due to his great general knowledge, especially in History.  Well done Lewis!

For settling in really well and working hard in all subjects.




Year 6

For being a lovely boy who tries really hard in all subjects.  His efforts in reading and writing have really paid off and he's a star in maths too!  A good year.

There has been a marked improvement in his behaviour.  He has fully committed to improving his writing and has made excellent progress. He has also displayed wonderful commitment to the leavers show and has been given additional roles as a result.

Showing great improvement this term, putting a lot of his effort into his writing - even though he found it challenging.  Well done!

Other Nominations

For always being ready to learn, work hard and give your best.  (Mr Welch)

For putting in 100% effort to his writing and having a positive attitude throughout.  (Mrs O'Neill)

For a settled year overall and improved attitude to learning.  Well done Dylan! (Mrs Bithrey)

For working really hard throughout the whole year in maths and achieving excellent results.  (Mr Hayden)

For putting in 100% effort, enthusiasm and dedication in the talent show.  A perfect performance on the night too. (Miss Stinton)

For developing his writing skills and having a great attitude towards his work.  It has been a pleasure to read. (Mrs Quince)