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Warden Hill Junior School

Autumn Term 2 2018/19

Each half term the class teachers and other members of school staff are asked to chose a pupil from their class/group who has stood out from the others in a positive way.  This may be through good effort, outstanding behaviour, great manners, kindness to others etc.  Once selected, the children's names are called out during celebration assembly, a letter is sent home to share the good news and a certificate is put into the Golden Book for everyone to see.

Year 3

For working hard in every lesson and demonstrating good manners at all times.

Showing hard work and determination in all that he does.


Always showing good behaviour, shows determination and effort in all lessons, helping others when needed.  he is polite, kind and considerate.

For always working very hard in all subjects.  Very well mannered, polite and amenable consistently.  A perfect role model.


Year 4

For always being an enthusiastic learner.  Having good manners and setting a good role model example.

For growing in confidence, always being polite and for her improved home reading.

For his determination and perseverance when completing all homework tasks, especially with his daily reading.

For her ongoing effort with improving her handwriting and the presentation of her work.

Year 5

For being extremely well mannered and polite.  He always completes work to the best of his ability and to a high standard.  He always has a smile on his face and has a great sense of humour. Well done!

For working extremely hard in every lesson; striving to achieve her very best and for reading every day in our reading challenge.  Well done!

Always has a smile on his face and is a real team player.  He showed a fantastic attitude this half term when he wasn't able to go on his school trip and made the most of his time in school instead!

For trying extremely hard with his handwriting and his effort so far with his reading.  He has a great sense of humour and is becoming a confident member of class.

Year 6

For making my job so pleasurable! A delightful young lady who is a joy to teach: polite; hardworking; highly motivated and great at art too! Keep doing what you do!

Fantastic behaviour for learning.  Helpful to other children and working extremely hard in all subjects.


For showing great enthusiasm towards learning.  Already this year you have made a huge improvement, particularly in maths.  Well done, keep it up!

For always persevering despite finding some of the work challenging.  Always shows kindness and compassion towards her peers.

Other Nominations

For always being polite, patient and considerate towards others.  (Mr Welch)

For a fantastic attitude to all the challenges faced last week on the school residential.  A real team player!  (Mrs Bithrey)

For always trying her best and having a very positive attitude towards her work.  (Mr Hayden)

For being a great team player at Grafham Water.  Katleen can always be relied on to try her best and encourage others.  (Mrs Harrison)

For always having exceptional manners.  He is polite, friendly and has lovely social skills.   (Mrs Hughes)