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Warden Hill Junior School

Autumn Term 2 2021/22

Each half term the class teachers and other members of school staff are asked to chose a pupil from their class/group who has stood out from the others in a positive way.  This may be through good effort, outstanding behaviour, great manners, kindness to others etc.  Once selected, the children's names are called out during celebration assembly, a letter is sent home to share the good news and a certificate is put into the Golden Book for everyone to see.

Year 3

For being enthusiastic with your maths, especially Mathletics, where you have achieved great results. For being a great role model for the class.  Well done Aydin!

For being a brilliant mathematician, who always likes to challenge himself; for being attentive at all times and a polite, helpful class member.  Well done Yusuf!

For being consistently well behaved and well mannered, growing in confidence this term and for being a great role model in class.  Keep it up.  Well done Mae!

Always showing enthusiasm in all you do; always working hard, completing your homework on time and being a super role model.  Well done Lauren!

Year 4

For being a well-mannered, polite and super young lady who always works hard, perseveres and is a great role model.  Well done Fatimah!

For trying hard in all you do, always demonstrating beautiful manners and having a super attitude to learning.  Well done Florence!

For having a really great learning attitude, always being smiley and so friendly.  Your effort and participation are to be commended.  Well done Ekamjot!

For showing a great attitude to learning - always working hard and trying your best.  Well done Afeefah!

Year 5

For making a super effort in your work, even when you are finding things tricky.  Also, for having lovely behaviour and manners.  Well done Zara!

For being such a thoughtful, caring and considerate member of our class and for always working to the very best of your ability.
Well done, thank you and keep this up Shay!

For settling in well into Warden Hill Juniors, after only joining in Year 5; for being enthusiastic and keen to try new challenges.  You are a great role model to others as you are always on task.  Well done Imaan!

Always having a positive attitude to learning, putting an effort into your work and always trying your best.  Well done Ben!

Year 6

For always joining in whole heartedly with every aspect of school life and for helping out other children in the year group.  Well done Kenza!

For having a positive attitude towards learning and persevering to reach your best in all subjects.  Well doe Kailyn!

For having a positive attitude towards school, working hard across all areas of the curriculum and impressing with your willingness to embrace the routines of a new school.  Well done Talifa!

For settling down well into Warden Hill Juniors; always persevering however challenging the work may be and for having excellent manners and lovely behaviour.  Well done Hasnain!

Other Nominations

For settling really well into our school and being polite, sensible and kindly natured.  Well done Aariz!  (Mr Welch, Headteacher)

For being more independent in her learning in our maths group.  Keep working hard.  Well done Ansa!  (Mrs Harrison, Deputy Headteacher)

For making a fantastic effort and progress in comprehension lessons.  Well done Maryam!  (Mrs Bithrey)

For having a positive attitude in maths, never giving up and making real progress.  Well done Safa!!  (Mr Hayden)

For being very helpful each morning, showing lovely manners and empathy towards others.  Well done Aisha!   (Mrs Hughes)