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Warden Hill Junior School

House Captains

At Warden Hill Juniors we have the four houses: Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn.

One of the most sought after positions amongst the children in Year 6 is the prestigious role of House Captain. There are usually two captains per house, one boy and one girl.

At the start of this year the whole school voted for their captains. Every Year 6 child has the opportunity to seek election. They work hard on their manifesto, which is presented in front of their house, and then a secret ballot is taken to find out who has been elected.  This process links to the schools delivery of British Values in promoting the importance of a democracy as a fundamental British Value. Things were a little different to normal years and the process was virtualised.  Each candidate pre-recorded a their manifesto and these were then watched in class bubbles, where votes were cast. Congratulations to you all!