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Warden Hill Junior School


At Warden Hill Junior School we aim to provide many opportunities for children to develop leadership skills. The prefect system is one of the ways in which children are involved in playing a leading role in the school.

 Prefects are chosen from Year 6 at the beginning of the school year. The selection process involves reflection by all staff on the behaviour and attitudes of all children during their time here. Those who are selected are representatives of the whole school, and are expected to provide a role model to the younger children of the behaviour expected by all. They also take a responsibility for looking after others, including supporting them in the mornings and after lunch time with coming into school in an orderly manner and helping the younger children with getting their coats and bags sorted out for the day. During indoor break times the prefects are allocated to each class, to help encourage them to play sensibly and calmly.

 Throughout the year there are specific tasks that the prefects are responsible for. These include fundraising for the Macmillan Cancer, where the prefects organise, publicise and run cake sales for all year groups and a Coffee and Cake afternoon for parents and other visitors. In November they take on responsibility for selling poppies to raise money for the British Legion. They are also involved in selling tickets for school discos and other functions, and sorting out the harvest produce, before it is delivered to older members of our local community by other Year 6 children.

 The prefect system gives benefits to the children and the school:

  •  enabling prefects to develop their responsibilities as role models for the younger pupils
  •  ensuring they become advocates for positive behaviour
  •  developing communication skills
  •  providing encouragement to other children
  •  providing a support network to all children
  •  contributing to the ethos and school environment