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Warden Hill Junior School

Inspire, Believe, Achieve

School Day

Currently the school has a 'soft open' where the classroom doors are open for children to enter at 8.40am. Children are free to come in early and do some extra reading or morning challenges. The morning register is taken at 8.55am.  The children will have a mid-morning break and a lunchtime. The school day ends at 3.35pm. In July 2023 the Government publuished a document called "Length of the School Week", which is non-statutory guidance for schools. In it they recommended a school week of 32.5 hours. Warden Hill Junior's school week is 33.3 hours, which exceeds the governments recommended target. 

Term Dates

Term time holidays will not be authorised. For more information please read our Attendance Policy.

Autumn Term 1 Spring Term 1 Summer Term 1

 Tuesday 5th September '23 -

Friday 20th October '23

Thursday 4th January '24 -

Friday 16th February '24

 Monday 15th April '24 -

Friday 24th May '24

Half Term Half Term Half Term

 Monday 23rd October '23 -

Friday 27th October '23

Monday 19th February '24 -

Friday 23rd  February '24

 Monday 27th May '24 - 

Friday 31st May '24

Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 2 Summer Term 2

Monday 30th October '23 -

Tuesday 19th December '23

Monday 26th February '24 -

Wednesday 27th March '24

Monday 3rd June '24 -

Friday 19th July '24


To download a printable calendar for 2023/24  please click here    


To download a printable calendar for 2024/25  please click here 

Training Days 2023/24
Friday 1st September 2023
Monday 4th September 2024
Wednesday 3rd January 2024
Thursday 28th March 2024
Friday 15th April 2024
Bank Holidays 2023/24
Monday 25th December 2023
Tuesday 26th December 2023
Monday 1st January 2024
Friday 29th March 2024
Monday 1st April 2024
Monday 6th May 2024
Monday 27th May 2024
Monday 26th August 2024