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Warden Hill Junior School

Inspire, Believe, Achieve

Headteacher's Welcome



A very warm welcome to our school.

Learning and education have been integral parts of my life from the very beginning. The influence of inspirational teachers and the invaluable experiences I gained in school have played a significant role in shaping the educator I am today. Throughout my academic journey, school has been a nurturing environment where I flourished, seizing every opportunity that came my way.

Now, as an educator at Warden Hill Juniors, my primary motivation is to ensure that our children receive nothing but the finest education, pastoral care, and opportunities for their personal and academic growth. I am committed to preparing them thoroughly for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their futures, to achieve whatever they set their minds too.

My mission is to ignite inspiration within our children by offering a rich and engaging curriculum. I firmly believe in instilling in them the confidence that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to and reach their aspirations. Through our educational journey together, I aim to empower them with the skills, knowledge, and belief in their own potential to pursue and achieve their dreams.

To accomplish this mission, the success lies within the power of teamwork. As a collective, comprising staff, students, parents, carers, governors, and the wider community, we have the ability to make a profound and positive impact on the lives of every child entrusted to our care. It is through our collaborative efforts that we are able to provide the support, guidance, and nurturing environment necessary for each child to thrive and reach their full potential.

Together we are united in our aspirations to be the very best we can possibly be, and to provide the most supportive and engaging learning environments possible underpinned by our Fundamental British Values. We live by our British values every day, and every child here understands and demonstrates them continually.

Our standards and expectations are high, but we never forget that we, and you, share the same ambitions and hopes for Warden Hill children. If you are about to join us, then welcome to our family. If you are already a member of Warden Hill, then we are delighted you are visiting the site. If you need anything else please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always listening.

With kindest regards,

Rebecca Lightfoot - Headteacher