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Warden Hill Junior School

Inspire, Believe, Achieve

Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Role  Name Additional Responsibility
 Headteacher  Mrs R. Lightfoot  Designated Safeguarding Lead   (DSL)
 Deputy Headteacher/
 Mrs J. Harrison  Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL), Curriculum, EVC, Behaviour and Attendance, Science & Online Safety
 Assistant Headteacher  Mr P. Ramsey Teaching, Learning and Standards, Music & School Website
 Assistant Headteacher  Miss S. Hussain  Deputy Designated Safeguarding   Lead (DDSL), SEND & Inclusion Mgr.
Year 3 Team
Role Name  Additional Responsibility
 Year 3 Leader  Mrs C. Tubb  Extra Curricular & Voice 21
 Teacher  Miss T. Banks  Fundamental British Values  & School   Council
 Teacher  Miss J. Ward  Read, Write, Inc Lead
 Teacher Mr C. Betts  PE Team
Year 4 Team
Role Name Additional Responsibility
 Year 4 Leader  Miss K. Taylor  History
 Teacher  Mrs A. Crook  French & Voice 21
 Teacher  Mrs Z. Uddin / Mrs L. Ahmad  Geography / Computing
 Teacher  Mrs S. Walia  Design & Technology
Year 5 Team
Role Name Additional Responsibility
 Year 5 Leader  Mrs F. Nichols  PSHE Education
 Teacher  Mrs S. O'Mahony  Geography
 Teacher  Miss J. Gaywood  Maths
Teacher  Mr S. Swiatynski  JRSO, Travel Plan and Play Leaders
Year 6 Team
Role Name Additional Responsibility
 Year 6 Leader  Mrs S. Morris  Religious Education
 Teacher  Mr T. Ellis  Physical Education
 Teacher  Miss E. Fordon  Art
 Teacher  Miss E. Richardson  English 

 Support Staff 

Role Name
 Business Manager  Mrs J. Thompson
 Finance Assistant  Mrs T. Bangs
 Office Manager  Mrs M. Rolson
 Attendance Officer / Receptionist  Mrs J. Pickering
 Admin Assistant  Miss T. Mills
 Receptionist / Admin Assistant  Mrs A. Usher
HR Admin Support Mrs D Giles
 Family Worker  Mrs C. Hughes (DDSL)
 SEMH Lead & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead  Miss G. Waverseck (DDSL)

 Healthcare Assistant 

Mrs L. Thomas
 Senior Midday Supervisor  Mrs A. Bi
 Senior Midday Supervisor  Mrs T. Griffiths
 Site Agent  Mr W. Starkey
 Library Assistant  Mrs A. Katechia
Additional Teaching Staff
Role Name
 SEND   Mrs C. Taylor
 HLTA  Mrs T. Skyers
Teacher  Mrs A. Berni
Teacher  Mrs Z. Uddin
 Cover Supervisor / TA  Miss A. Phillip
Teaching Assistants
Name Name
 Ms. Z. Akram  Mrs M. Pahome
 Mrs M. Brady  Miss S. Parker
 Mrs A. Catlin   Mrs V. Pari

 Miss I. Choudhury 

 Mrs D. Patel

 Mrs J. Goodenough

 Miss J Read
 Miss J. Greene  Miss C. Roberts
 Miss F. Israr  Miss T. Simmons-Johnson
 Mrs T. Jay  Mrs A. Uddin
 Mrs A. Katechia  Mr A. Iqbal
Miss M. Khanom
Care Club Team
Role Name
 Club Assistant  Mrs C. Hughes
 Club Assistant  Mrs A. Katechia
 Club Assistant  Mrs T. Kennedy
 Club Assistant  Mrs M. Brady
Midday Supervisors
Name Name
 Mrs S. Clelland  Mrs C. Jordon
 Mrs A. Christodoulou  Mrs A. Katechia
 Mrs C. Cooper  Mrs A. Mirza
 Miss M. Cregg Mrs S. Sohal
Mrs C. Flynn  Miss T. Sultana
  Mrs S. Hussain  Mrs A. Uddin
Caretaking Team
Role Name
 Cleaning Operative  Mrs M. Christie
 Cleaning Operative  Miss M. Cregg
 Cleaning Operative  Miss J. Hill
 Cleaning Operative Miss A. Springer
 Grounds Person Mr A. Oakley

Catering Team
Role Name
 Catering Manager  Miss S. Hughes