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Warden Hill Junior School

Pupil Sessions


Knitting Club

Every Wednesday lunchtime we have a knitting club.  It is well attended by pupils who are at the beginner stage of knitting.  They are taught how to cast on, how to create knit, purl and rib stitches, how to increase and decrease, to read patterns and also how to cast off.  Along with these skills the children learn a few extra social skills whilst interacting with our volunteers.  The club is open to both boys and girls. 

We currently are looking for volunteers to assist with teaching the children how to knit,
please contact the school if you could spare an hour or so on a Wednesday lunch time.
All volunteers are subject to DBS clearance and security checks.


Social Skills Cookery

Several times a week cookery sessions are held in the Family Room.  Children attending these sessions are invited by Miss Stinton with an aim to help enhance their social skills.  Cookery is a great activity for allowing children to work in a group, enabling them to learn to follow instructions, develop coordination as well as being an avenue for open conversation.