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Warden Hill Junior School

Bling Your Bike

Towards the end of the Autumn Term (2017)  Mr Hayden, Mr Elils and their fantastic Travel Buddies held the Annual Bling your Bike Competition.  A great deal of effort was made by all of the entrants, who also reminded us how important it is to stay bright to be seen over the winter darker nights.  Please visit our gallery or click this link to take a look at the amazing blinginess!

Golden Padlocks

Starting on Monday 18th January have something exciting happening for those biking or scooting to school.  During the afternoon a bike or scooter will be locked up by an extra Golden Padlock!  If you go to the bike shed at the end of school and find your bike/scooter has the Golden Padlock it means you are the lucky winner of a prize from our goodie bag!



During this term the Travel Buddies are holding a competition.  All you need to do is take a picture of your foot/feet walking in an unusual place or besides something strange.  You can also take pictures of a friend or family  members feet if you like.  Be sure to ask their permission first though!  Prizes will be awarded to the best pictures before half term so send those pictures in quickly.

Once you have taken the picture simply attach it to our new competition email address.  You may need to ask your grown up or teacher to help you with this.  The address you need is:

competitions@wardenhill.juniorluton.co.uk - from an email account


competition.wh  - via your itslearning messages